The Evolution of a Morning Person

I can't believe I'm saying this...but I am beginning to really like mornings! This is coming from a girl who used to sleep in until 1 PM on the weekends when she was in middle school. Because, truth be told, I love sleep.

However, since then, a lot of stuff has happened and I have developed some form of insomnia. It's hard for me to fall asleep, it's hard for me to stay asleep, and it's especially impossible for me to fall asleep again if I open my eyes anytime after 7 AM. The burns!!!!

Now, my insomnia doesn't really let me sleep in whether or not I get a good amount of sleep. Really, I don't get that much sleep to begin with, so not being able to sleep past 9:30 AM is something I used to hardcore resent. There was this rough patch where my upstairs neighbor's kid was obsessed with bouncing balls on the hardwood floor every morning at 6 AM that also made me want to rip my eyes out of my head. Not a fan of the bouncy balls, guys.

And then, you know, I became a commuter student. So my ability to sleep in until 45 minutes before my first morning class was ripped away from me because I have to wake up, get dressed, and eat breakfast in another state before hopping on a train, transferring to another train, and walking ten minutes to class. It used to take a lot out of me. And, truth be told, it still does. The act of commuting itself is exhausting, but waking up for that commute isn't a harrowing ordeal for me anymore. My body and internal clock has gotten used to it and adjusted accordingly. I only resent the fact that I no longer live in the city I love, not the commute itself.

Somehow, along the way, I've grown to really like mornings though. I can't really enjoy them when I am focused on the commute to work or school, but on the weekends it's a bit blissful (even though I still wish sleeping in was something I could do, but I have accepted I just can't). My weekends now seem SO LONG. I feel like superwoman when I get so much done. Last weekend I saw 2 movies, cooked dinner, arranged my next CLEP exam, read 200 pages, formatted/wrote 8 blog posts, and watched 6 episodes of my current tv binge all before 11 PM. WHAT?!

It was this realization that prompted this post. With longer days, I feel more productive and like I have more energy. I've been taking baby steps towards getting back to a healthy lifestyle, which, admittedly, I've been failing at lately because I'm dealing with some emotional stuff. Anyway, I feel like embracing mornings with a spring in my step instead of fighting them is a great step towards that goal, and it's also given me a more positive mindset when tackling the day. Plus, it's making me eat breakfast--a meal I usually ignore--because I am awake so long, which, in turns, makes my other 2 meals a bit smaller and boosts my energy levels. Another win. This morning thing isn't as bad as I used to think it was.


Are you a morning person or a night owl? Has life had you evolve from a night owl to a morning person like me? Do you hate mornings like I used to or do you find that you're super productive now? I am curious to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Lifestyle changes are weirdly fascinating.


  1. There are only two times that the term "morning person" can apply to me: on the morning of going to an amusement park and Christmas morning. My brain just does not function before 9am, to be honest.

    It's really interesting though to see how you changed from a night owl to a morning person. I'm glad you no longer resent early mornings!! =)

  2. Me toooo!!

    I was totally that middle schooler who slept in until 1pm too. Now, I find myself enjoying how quiet the world is in the mornings. Even if I stay up late, there are still cars out driving, still sirens sounding, etc. But for some reason there's less of that at like 8:30am. It's so peaceful.

    My biggest adjustment has been living with my husband, who gets up to leave for work just after 9am and he always wakes me up to say goodbye. I used to go back to sleep as soon as he left, but I've slooowly been adjusting to staying awake instead. When he was on a business trip for a few weeks, I went to bed earlier (11pm versus 12:30am-ish) and woke up on my own at like 8:30am. It was so nice!