Lili's Travel Diary #14: An Interesting Travel Nugget

Every once in a while, while traveling, you come across a really interesting fact. Well, this happened to me this morning and I felt compelled to share it. It concerns daylight savings time. I know not all states practice it--freshman year I had a friend from Arizona that made us stay up late so she could watch her clock go from 1 AM to 12:01 AM after all--but typically I am five hours ahead of the east cost and eight hours ahead of the west coast. Now to the fun stuff.

I often start my days texting my parents. I'll wake up to a text from them and respond, and because my Dad is an early riser (he wakes up everyday at 5:30 AM and I've concluded the only logical reason is because he's crazy) we tend to talk a little as I get ready for my day. This morning I woke up and responded to all the missed texts while I was asleep, and almost immediately got a response from my Dad which typically takes about an hour or so. I checked my clock, 9:30 AM, and told him he's up a bit early. If 5:30 AM is crazy, 4:30 AM is certifiably insane.

He responded that it's 5:30 AM, the time he usually wakes up, because of daylight savings.

Cue my immediate shock. I always assumed my phone and laptop would automatically reset themselves during daylight savings times. Lots of intense googling about  how to change the time immediately preceded this.

This then prompted a lot of embarrassing texts to my go-to British friend, Hannah, asking her to confirm the time of day for me. You know you've got a good friend when she rolls with your weirdness without asking any questions.

It turns out that we do have daylight savings here in the UK, though it is called a different name, and it occurs at the end of March instead of the beginning like in the US. Because of this, there's a roughly two week period where the UK is only 4 hours ahead of the east coast and the rest of Europe is only five hours ahead instead of six.

I had absolutely no idea that this window existed! I find it really cool!

Now that I have this little tidbit out of the way, I want to wish all my Americans a happy pi day and thanks for reading a silly little post about a little known fact that is currently blowing my mind! I simply had to share it.


Did you know that this window existed? Do you think it is as cool as I do? Am I just a nerd?! Comment below with your thoughts!


  1. I never realized that other places did daylight savings time. I know we do it hear in Canada.. interesting tidbit thanks for sharing :)

    1. I think it's dominantly a North American thing! It's part of the reason I found this morning so fascinating haha

  2. Back when I was living in California I always really enjoyed this time because it meant Coding God and I were only 7 hours apart instead of 8! :P

    But I hate it when we go off GMT in a few weeks. Being on GMT is so convenient! I want to stay here forever!

    P.S. Where's that Paris post, missy???

    1. Always a wonderful thing! The extra hour really does make a difference, though it may not seem like it.

      Haha GMT is messing up my sleep schedule a little bit, which is unfortunate. But I suppose I can live ;)

      It is coming! I promise!